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Function Client Only icon-iv.png Online and Offline

Available since Client 1.0.0

void natives.taskCarDriveWander(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float driveSpeed, int driveStyle)

The natives.taskCarDriveWander function is used to make the vehicle randomly drive around using internal game path data.


1) Ped ped The Ped to drive the Vehicle.
2) Vehicle vehicle The Vehicle to drive with.
3) float driveSpeed The speed of driving in meters per second. (default = 20).
4) int driveStyle The AI driving style (behavior) to use. (0-7, see details below).


void This function doesn't return a value.


There aren't any notes for this function.


Example 1 - JavaScript - Client-Side:

/* example code provided by DrFauli */ addCommandHandler("drivewander", function(cmdName, params) { // current vehicle/ped handle let thisVeh = null; let thisPed = null;

// check if player is in a car if (!localPlayer.vehicle) { natives.requestModel(-956048545) // Taxi natives.requestModel(8772846); // Taxi Driver natives.loadAllObjectsNow();

// spawn the car thisVeh = createVehicle2(-956048545, localPlayer.position, true); thisVeh.heading = localPlayer.heading;

// spawn the driver thisPed = natives.createCharInsideCar(thisVeh, 1, 8772846);

// prevent ped from leaving the car screaming by marking it as mission_char first natives.setCharAsMissionChar(thisPed, true); natives.setCharStayInCarWhenJacked(thisPed, true);

// warp player into passenger seat id 0 (next to driver) natives.warpCharIntoCarAsPassenger(localPlayer, thisVeh, 0); } else { thisVeh = localPlayer.vehicle; thisPed = thisVeh.getOccupant(0); }

// get speed and driveStyle from params let splitParams = params.split(" "); let driveSpeed = Number(splitParams[0]); // default is 20 let driveStyle = Number(splitParams[1]);

// let this car randomly drive around // [syntax]: pedHandle, carHandle, driveSpeed, driveStyle natives.taskCarDriveWander(thisPed, thisVeh, driveSpeed, driveStyle);

return true; });


There isn't any compatibility information for this function.

driving style behavior

traffic lights other cars pedestrians blinkers when stuck
0 ignore drive around drive around not used reverse
1 stop on red stay behind stop and honk used on intersections wait
2 ignore drive around drive around not used reverse
3 ignore ignore ignore not used reverse
4 ignore stay behind stop and honk not used wait
5 stop on red drive around drive around not used reverse
6 stop+reversing drive around drive around not used reverse
7 stop on red stay behind stop and honk used on intersections wait


  • driving styles 0 and 2 seem to be identical.
  • driving styles 1 and 7 seem to be identical.
  • using values < 0 or > 7 will behave like 3
  • the AI will slow down for corners and intersections, but won't break for "drive around" obstacles.

There could be small distance and/or speed differences when "drive around" is used.‎
It is also unclear if the AI drivers are able to see objects like light poles or traffic lights while evading.

The vehicle.carWanderRandomly function has the same functionality in the 3D universe games (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas). The extra driving parameters for those games can be set with vehicle.setDrivingStyle and vehicle.setCarCruiseSpeed