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What you need to know

Modifications are generally not compatible with GTA Connected because they usually change or hook into the game in ways that interfere with the methods that GTA Connected uses to provide it's multiplayer features.

Will you add mod support?

As of now, there are no plans to include mod support. The GTA Connected developers are currently more focused on improving game support, fixing bugs, and adding features.

One of my mods isn't loading!

Most modifications will probably not work due to GTA Connected's anticheat, but if you do find one that does work, you will likely experience bugs and crashes. Due to the large number of different modifications available for the various GTA games, the GTA Connected team cannot provide support for issues with GTA Connected when using modded games, however you might be able to get help via our discord or forum from other players who have the same mods and got them working somehow. If you run into a mod that you've tried and found that it is or isn't compatible with GTA Connected, add it to the appropriate list below. If there is a forum topic that has help and info for a listed modification, please link it with the modification name.

Known Compatible Mods

This isn't a full list of compatible mods. New ones will be added when they're verified to be compatible
icon-iii.png icon-vc.png icon-sa.png SilentPatch
icon-iv.png ZolikaMenu/ZMenu
icon-iv.png ZolikaPatch
icon-iv.png SteamAchievements

Known Incompatible Mods

This isn't a full list of incompatible mods. New ones will be added when they're verified to be incompatible
icon-iii.png icon-vc.png icon-sa.png CLEO