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This page shows information about significant changes in the scripting interface for previous versions of GTAC.

Server 1.4.0 and newer

  • Renamed gta.createCivilian to gta.createPed
  • Removed element.owner
  • Renamed ped.setWeaponAmmunition to ped.setWeaponSlotAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.getWeaponAmmunition to ped.getWeaponSlotAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.setWeaponClipAmmunition to ped.setWeaponSlotClipAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.getWeaponClipAmmunition to ped.getWeaponSlotClipAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.setWeaponAmmunitionForWeaponId to ped.setWeaponAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.getWeaponAmmunitionForWeaponId to ped.getWeaponAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.setWeaponClipAmmunitionForWeaponId to ped.setWeaponClipAmmunition
  • Renamed ped.getWeaponClipAmmunitionForWeaponId to ped.getWeaponClipAmmunition
  • Renamed vehicle.carLock to vehicle.lockedStatus
  • Renamed gta.findGroundZForCoord to gta.findGroundZCoordinate
  • Renamed event OnWastePed to OnPedWastedFromAttackerClient
  • Added hasCommandHandler
  • Added int vehicle.lightsStatus to go with existing bool vehicle.lights
  • Added element.transient
  • Added element.findSyncer
  • Added element.forceSyncer
  • Added element.alwaysExistForSyncer
  • Added element.distanceStreaming
  • Added element.defaultExistance
  • Added element.setExistsFor
  • Added element.clearExistsFor
  • Added element.streamInDistance
  • Added element.streamOutDistance
  • Added element.existsFor
  • Added element.creator
  • Added element.interior
  • Added server.setPassword function
  • Added server.httpURL (readonly)
  • Added OnReceivePacket scripting event

Client 1.4.0 and newer

  • Renamed gta.createCivilian to gta.createPed.
  • Renamed gta.currentWeather to
  • Renamed currentWeather to for IV
  • Renamed forceWeather to gta.forceWeather for IV
  • Renamed setWindSpeed to gta.setWindSpeed for IV
  • Renamed vehicle.carWanderRandomly to vehicle.wanderRandomly
  • Changed vehicle.driveTo to take a Vec3 instead of 3 floats
  • Changed vehicle.flyTo to take a Vec3 instead of 3 floats
  • Changed gta.findGroundZ to take a Vec2 instead of 2 floats
  • Changed gta.findRoofZ to take a Vec3 instead of 3 floats
  • Changed int element.syncer to be Client element.syncer
  • Changed element.setSyncer to take a Client object
  • Added entity.model as alias for entity.modelIndex
  • Added int vehicle.lightsStatus to go with existing bool vehicle.lights
  • Added ped.getVehicleNearestDoorPosition for III and VC
  • Added ped.getNearestPassengerDoorPosition for III and VC
  • Added ped.getPositionToOpenVehicleDoor for III and VC
  • Added ped.instantVehicleExit for III and VC
  • Added ped.instantVehicleJack for III and VC
  • Added ped.crouchingTime for VC
  • Added pool count functions (getBuildingCount, getObjectCount)

Client/Server 1.3.0 and newer

Element type ELEMENT_CIVILIAN was removed. Use ELEMENT_PED instead.

Client/Server 1.3.0 and newer

The setErrorMode function was removed from scripting.

Client 1.1.1 and newer

The game namespace was removed from all names that used it, for both server-side and client-side functionality, as listed below.

New Name Old Name
addMovingParticleEffect game.addMovingParticleEffect
addParticleEffect game.addParticleEffect
addToWorld game.addToWorld
aspectRatio game.aspectRatio
cameraInterior game.cameraInterior
cameraTarget game.cameraTarget
createBlipAttachedTo game.createBlipAttachedTo
createBlip game.createBlip
createBuilding game.createBuilding
createCivilian game.createCivilian
createEffect game.createEffect
createElement game.createElement
createObject game.createObject
createPickup game.createPickup
createPlayer game.createPlayer
createRenderTarget game.createRenderTarget
createSingleParticle game.createSingleParticle
createSphere game.createSphere
createVehicle game.createVehicle
drawRectangle game.drawRectangle
fadeCamera game.fadeCamera
findGroundZForCoord game.findGroundZForCoord
getPeds game.getPeds
getRandomSkin game.getRandomSkin
getScreenFromWorldPosition game.getScreenFromWorldPosition
getVehicles game.getVehicles
getWorldFromScreenPosition game.getWorldFromScreenPosition
height game.height
messages.addJumpQ game.messages.addJumpQ
messages.clear game.messages.clear
removeFromWorld game.removeFromWorld
restoreCamera game.restoreCamera
rwRenderStateSet game.rwRenderStateSet
setCameraLookAt game.setCameraLookAt
setCameraLookAtEntity game.setCameraLookAtEntity
setCameraTarget game.setCameraTarget
setCiviliansEnabled game.setCiviliansEnabled
setEffect game.setEffect
setMainHUDEnabled game.setMainHUDEnabled
setRenderTarget game.setRenderTarget
setTrafficEnabled game.setTrafficEnabled
time.hour game.time.hour
time.minute game.time.minute
time.second game.time.second
width game.width

Client 1.0.19 and newer

The game namespace was removed from all names that used it, for both server-side and client-side functionality, as listed below.

New Name Old Name
createBlipAttachedTo game.createBlipAttachedTo
createEffect game.createEffect
createElement game.createElement
createVehicle game.createVehicle
world game.getWorld
fadeCamera game.fadeCamera