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This client manual page contains general information for playing GTAC.

Opening Launcher[edit]

Option 1 - Desktop Icon[edit]

Look for a file named Grand Theft Auto Connected 1.1.14.exe on your desktop and open it. The latest version may be higher than 1.1.14.
The .exe part may not be shown in the filename, depending on your file explorer settings.

Option 2 - Start Menu[edit]

Open the start menu, then type Grand Theft Auto Connected and open it.

Option 3 - Containing Directory[edit]

Open file explorer and type in directory %LOCALAPPDATA%\Jack's Mini Network\Grand Theft Auto Connected, and then open Launcher.exe.

Viewing Server Lists[edit]

Currently, a server list is shown per game.
Open the launcher and the server list is displayed for the latest chosen game.
Changing the game in the Game dropdown box will show you the servers for that game.

Setting Game EXE Path[edit]

This only needs to be done once per game.
Choose the game in the Game dropdown box, for the game you want to locate.
Press the Browse button, and choose the game's EXE file.

Default Game EXE Locations:

GTA III C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA3\gta3.exe
GTA VC C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe
GTA SA C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe
GTA IV C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV.exe

Using a Command In-Game[edit]

To type a command:
Stage 1: Press t to open the chatbox input.
Stage 2: Type a forward slash /.
Stage 3: Type the command name.
Stage 4: (Optional) Type the command parameters.

For example: /reconnect or /connect

GTAC has several built in commands.
Servers can add commands via scripting too.

Joining a Server[edit]

Before Game is Open[edit]

Option 1: Double click a server entry row.
Option 2: Right click a server entry row and choose Connect.
Option 3: Press the Launch button and check the After Game is Open section below.

After Game is Open[edit]

Type the command: /connect host or /connect host:port - replace the word host and port with their actual values.
Example 1: /connect
Example 2: /connect
Example 3: /connect
Example 4: /connect

After Game is Open - After Connected[edit]

Type the command: /reconnect
This will attempt to connect you to the last server that you were connected to since game launch.

Quitting a Server[edit]

Option 1 - Leave Game Open After[edit]

Type the command /disconnect.

Option 2 - Close Game[edit]

Type the command /quit, /q or /exit.

Changing Player Name[edit]

Option 1 - In the Launcher[edit]

In the launcher, open the Tools context-menu at the top, then choose Settings.
In the General tab, type your player name into the text box next to the text Name, then press OK.

Option 2 - With Game Open[edit]

Firstly, disconnect from a server if you are connected to one, by typing /disconnect.
Then type: /setname Name - make sure you replace Name with your player name.

Changing Client Settings[edit]

In the launcher, open the Tools context-menu at the top, then choose Settings.
Settings span across multiple tabs, such as Display or Advanced.
A full list of client settings.

Detecting Client Version[edit]

In the launcher, open the Help context-menu at the top, then choose About.
The client version is displayed next to the text Version.

Clearing Cache[edit]

When connecting to a server, any files the server provides for the client will be downloaded to your computer. This includes scripts, images, audio files, models, textures, and more. If you have an issue connecting to a server, clearing the cache may help solve the issue. To clear the cache, open the Launcher and click the Open button at the bottom left. A menu will appear with several options. Select Caches (not to be confused with Crashes). A folder window will appear. Delete all items in this folder. This will clear the cache. You can now connect to servers, which will re-download the files provided by the server.