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CVars are values that affect specific game features. For example, the "Traffic" cvar will toggle the server traffic on/off, depending on the value provided. Use the cvar tag in your server config to add them. Below is a list of built in cvars and values for each. You can also add custom cvars and access any cvar with server.getCVar. CVars added to server config are not case sensitive.

All CVars set in server config are sent to clients, so don't use any sensitive info in them!

CVar Name Type Description
Nametags boolean Enable/disable built-in nametags
GunShops boolean Enable/disable singleplayer gunshops/ammunations ped and camera (doesn't disable purchasing! Use "scripts" cvar for that)
UniqueStuntJumps boolean Enable/disable the slow-motion unique jumps from singleplayer (example, the Callahan Bridge median)
StuntJumps boolean Enable/disable the bonuses provided by doing stunts (and what a great landing!)
StauntonToiletCamera boolean Force the multi-stage fixed camera used when entering the toilet in Belleville Park. Only works on GTA 3
Gates boolean Enable/disable the automatic singleplayer gates (example: the one at LCPD when you show up in a police car)
Trains boolean Enable/disable trains. This does not have any effect on GTA Vice City
Planes boolean Enable/disable the overhead ambience planes. The position and status of these are synced as well.
MaximumWantedLevel integer Set's the highest possible wanted level. Use 0 to disable automatic wanted levels altogether.
DefaultParkedCars boolean If enabled, spawns default parked vehicles found in singleplayer
Ambulances boolean Enables/disables the singleplayer rescue ambulances and paramedics when somebody is killed
Traffic boolean Enables/disables AI traffic that drives around the city. With <synclocalentities> enabled in server config, this will be synced with everyone.
Civilians boolean Enables/disables AI peds that walk around the city. With <synclocalentities> enabled in server config, this will be synced with everyone.
DefaultPickups boolean Enables/disables the default pickups found in singleplayer
SinglePlayer boolean Enables/disables general singleplayer features
BigMap boolean Enables/disables the F11 map in GTA 3
Trainers boolean Enables/disables the use of trainers (IV Only)
Scripts boolean Enables/disables the game loading it's built-in scripts used in singleplayer
IV_SkipLobby boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables forcing players to skip the lobby in GTA IV when they connect
IV_AllowTrains boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables allowing trains to spawn.
IV_PlayerWalking boolean (GTA IV Only) Sets whether the player walks (1) or runs (0) as normal movement.
IV_ScenarioPeds boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables peds that spawn for scenarios and events.
IV_RandomCops boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables spawning random police officers
IV_SPTraffic boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables spawning traffic like in singleplayer
IV_SPCopModels boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables using police officer skins from singleplayer
IV_NetworkedObjects boolean (GTA IV Only) Enables/disables syncing of client-created objects
IV_Bulletspread boolean (GTA IV Only) If enabled, fixes weapon accuracy mechanic.