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This is a list of all client settings.
The client settings are found in the Launcher at Tools -> Settings.



Client Setting Default Value Description
Check for updates Enabled Whether to notify you of client updates.
Name (not set) Your player name.


Client Setting Default Value Description
Automatic aspect ratio Enabled Whether to use automatic aspect ratio.
Fix some invisible objects Enabled Whether to fix some invisible objects in the game.
Vice City trails Disabled Whether to use Trails on Vice City.
Window mode Disabled Whether to use windowed mode, or full screen.


Client Setting Default Value Description
Console Disabled Whether to show a console window for the game, displaying useful information.
Discord Rich Presence Disabled Whether to display GTAC in discord when the game is launched, or the game's name.
Terminate on crash Disabled Whether to close the game if it stops working.
Verbose logging Disabled Whether to log more data, or less data.

Settings in Previous Versions[edit]

Client settings for previous versions of GTAC