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Client variables can be changed to customize game play.

Changing Variables[edit]

Option 1 - In-Game Command[edit]

Command Syntax: /cvar var value
Example: /cvar cv_chatscale 0.7
Reconnect Required: For some client variable changes, see below.

Option 2 - Editing File[edit]

File Location: Documents\My Games\Jack's Mini Network\Grand Theft Auto Connected\user.conf
Example: cv_chatscale = 1.0
Reconnect Required: For all client variable changes.


Resources can override client variables.

Client Variables[edit]


Client Variable Default Value Description Reconnect Required (/cvar)
cv_chatscale 1.0 The scale of the font size in the chat box. No.
cv_civilians true Whether client-side unsynchronized civilians on paths are enabled. Undocumented.
cv_debugmode false Whether to start the game in debug mode. Undocumented.
cv_framelimit 60 The FPS limit, which limits how many times the game renders per second. Max of 100. Undocumented.
cv_hostilegangs false Whether client-side unsynchronized hostile gangs are enabled. Undocumented.
cv_infiniterun true Whether the local player has infinite run, instead of walking after a certain duration. Undocumented.
cv_streamingbuffer 5242880 The size in bytes of the streaming buffer, default is 5 MB (1024 x 1024 x 5). Undocumented.
cv_traffic true Whether client-side unsynchronized vehicle traffic is enabled. Undocumented.
cv_tutorial false Whether the information pickups at police stations and hospitals are enabled. Undocumented.