Patching GTAIV to work on GTA Connected

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The following instructions only apply to a Default GTAIV: Complete Edition directory.

It includes every Episode in one directory so you will be able to switch between Episodes and join any Server without issues

If you're using a *Downgraded (e.g. ClonkAndre's Downgrader)* or modded directory, don't expect GTA Connected to function without crashes.

Install Instructions

  • Download the patch for either or ( is recommended)
  • Unzip it, it should make a folder called Retail.
  • Drag the Retail folder into your GTAIV Directory. Don't move the files out of the folder! Just move the whole folder itself.
  • Open the GTA Connected launcher and select Tools > Game Settings. Choose Grand Theft Auto IV from the Game dropdown list.
  • Next to "Game EXE Path", click the Browse button to set the path for the exe to GTAIV.exe inside the new Retail folder in your GTAIV directory:
 Default Steam Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV\Retail\GTAIV.exe
  • Select Tools > Launcher Settings and type a Name for yourself
  • Double-click on a Server to connect to it

How To Join Lobbies

  • Press UP key to bring up phone
  • Go down and press Multiplayer > Games
  • Press Custom Match to see any active lobbies. Join by double-clicking Lobby (if double-click doesn't work, press DOWN and Enter)
  • If you know what Lobby is currently being played (e.g. through holding TAB if the server includes v-scoreboard), you can directly connect to a Lobby through QuickMatch on the phone


  • If you've followed these instructions correctly, the original files should be intact and unmodified. This means Steam/Rockstar Launcher won't force the files to be reverted, and you can play GTAIV: Complete Edition on GTA Connected and also play the normal GTAIV: Complete Edition through Steam/Rockstar Launcher