Getting Started

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General Stages

- Download the server files on the Downloads page at
- Unzip/extract the server files to an empty folder.
- Change settings in server.xml (available settings)
- Run the server executable. For Windows, this will be Server.exe for 32-bit and Server_x64.exe for 64-bit. For Linux, there are several options to do this, see the linux server manual page.


First, remove the freeroam resource that comes with the server, by deleting the freeroam folder in resources. Then remove the <resource src="freeroam" /> line in server config. The server should launch normally now, and connecting will place you into a generic rendezvous lobby, which uses party mode. You can then use the phone in-game to start and join sessions.


At the very minimum, you'll need to spawn the player and fade the camera using spawnPlayer and gta.fadeCamera in a logical event such as in the onPlayerJoined event. The default resource provided with the server, called "freeroam", includes spawning the player and fading the camera.


Check the Server Manual page.


Check the resources page for information on how to use resources.