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General Information

GTA Connected provides the ability for servers to broadcast custom pieces of information (called "rules") ... These are shown in launcher in the lower box (if enabled) and in the data returned by the server when queried. There are a few rules that should be added to utilize extra features but for the most part any rules set are completely custom and are often used to display a server owner's name, website, or other information. LauncherServerRules.png

Using Rules

Rules can be added in two ways: using the server configuration xml via the <rule> tag or using the server-side scripting functions server.setRule and server.getRule. Setting a rule's value to null will delete the rule. Server rules are case sensitive so for example, "test" and "Test" will display as separate rules.
For example, using the server configuration xml:

<rule name="Website" value="" />

Built-in Rules

There are a few built-in rules that should be used to take advantage of extra features that GTA Connected provides:

Rule Name Description
Website Setting a website will take users to the URL provided in their default browser when they choose "Visit Website" when right-clicking on your server in the launcher